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Although the thought of agreeably becoming Yusuke’s helpless girlfriend turns her stomach, can she afford to be herself when one wrong move could rewrite history? And then, of course, the Conclave explodes and the skies themselves split open and demons start pouring through the shattered Veil... Just in case it was starting to seem a little too easy.As mysterious forces manipulate Not-Quite-Keiko in the pursuit of their own ends, she must choose between honoring the anime by sacrificing her identity, or forging a destiny of her own making.*Updates every Saturday. Yo_tuber and cosplayer Melody "Valkyrie" Steadman finds herself thrown back into the world of heros after the devestating death of her fiance at the hands of a villain. You are Emberr, and simple girl who wants to be and animator and meet monsters!So when she figures out she's the daughter of an FBI Agent, she expects to hear about the Winchesters, or maybe Beacon Hills or Mystic Falls or something. Except that the Fornell last name is suddenly a lot more familiar as she gets to meet Uncle Gibbs, and there's nothing magical about that particular world, she's pretty sure of it. Granted, he was more of a hobbyist than a professional, but the camera in his hands was natural as breathing in his lungs and sun on his skin.Until he stumbles out of a forest one day into a new world. Now with no way to get back, he puts the knowledge he has of this universe, and a strange, developing Quirk-but-not-quite to use to get aid from the world's top heroes.Candace just wanted to start fresh in a place where no one knew her name.

He's the brother you've always wanted and you're the sister he never had with the elusive Annie, whom is still captured and self-imprisoned in her crystal. Leo just thought this was going to be an uneventful year in the sleepy town of Jasper, just until he graduates and can finally go on with his life. Update: 4/2 I decided to make it a Starscream x Self Insert because I have a lot of love for Star and I just wanna be friends with BD and KO Just how crazy can life get when you've got over sixty smashers living under one roof?

She has a tough decision ahead her: let her wings carry her to her future? Losing your character designs to a ten year old kid in a striped T-shirt was not in your plan, especially because you need them for college!

Good thing monsters are good inspiration for new characters.

Ashley Greene is not dating either Jackson or Kellan, she has admitted to having a crush on Jackson but says her and kellan are just friends. Elsie, Lacie and Tillie, the girls who lived in a treacle well in the Dormouse's story, were references to Alice Liddell and her sisters, and the Lory and the Eaglet are also based on Alice's real-life sisters.

 The Lory and the Eaglet appear in the Pool of Tears as do the Duck, the Dodo and 'several other creatures'.

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Pierre was in love with her, but then she walked out of his life.

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