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Climbing the With the Man of Speed I originally met Hans Florine at the Outdoor Retailer trade shows.

In October 2009, he came to our climbing gym here in Colorado Springs to do a speed climbing presentation.

The day progressed predictably — with standard-issue hanging, Beta-spraying, and snacking — until around p.m., when a booming voice sounded from the trail: a certain “Daddy,” announcing his presence, his terrified bottle-blonde “Babydoll” in tow.

Cruel Summer The summer of 2008 was a rough one in Eldorado Canyon, Colorado.

Whipped: Benched - Injury, Drugs, and Other Dirty Secrets - I'm on drugs. The climbing in Uganda varies, from multi-pitch to bolted sport to phenomenal bouldering, with everything from slabs to finger cracks to steep traverses.

Graceful robed women with crosses and ornaments tattooed to their foreheads.

That all has greeted us, as we crossed The high Simien Mountains.

Our next climbing destination was Aksum in Northern Ethiopia.

Our first stop was at Jinja, an adventure seekers' paradise, with its world’s tallest bangi-jump and some of the planet’s gnarliest kayaking, and even rafting on class 5 rapids.

Hot Rock Climbing Expedition 3: Kenya Entering Kenya feels like entering a typical African postcard.

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