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Color graphics give people the impression that a game is high tech.

But just because a game has a beautiful display does not mean that the game is fun to play. Red uses less battery and red is easier to recognize. A number of technology demonstrations were used to show the Virtual Boy's capabilities.

The console was pushed to market in an unfinished state in 1995 to focus on Nintendo 64 development.

The Virtual Boy was panned by critics and was a commercial failure.

Nintendo portrayed the system as a type of virtual reality, as its name indicates.

Nintendo also focused on the technological aspects of the new console in its press releases, neglecting to detail specific games.

Development of the Virtual Boy lasted four years, and began originally under the project name of VR32.

Advertising promoted the system as a paradigm shift from past consoles; some pieces used cavemen to indicate a historical evolution, while others utilized psychedelic imagery.

Nintendo targeted an older audience with advertisements for the Virtual Boy, shifting away from the traditional child-focused approach it had employed in the past.

The company produced a 3D stereoscopic head-tracking prototype called the Private Eye, featuring a tank game.

Seeking funding and partnerships by which to develop it into a commercial technology, RTI demonstrated Private Eye to the consumer electronics market, including Mattel and Hasbro.

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