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I was just crying I didn’t say much I didn’t know what to do.’ The court heard friends began to bang at the door and Green quickly got dressed and claimed the girl was upset because she was ‘hit on’ in the club by another man.But in her statement the woman added: ‘I said “stop lying”.Eventually I was like “right stop, don’t do this, you shouldn’t be doing it” but he was like “shh shut up”.I tried to push him off and sat up and he put his hand around my throat and pushed me back down.‘I was in pain and he seemed to get a lot more frustrated and angry with me.The figures were released as a bill was put forward to raise the age of criminal responsibility in the UK from 10 to 12 – meaning the likes of Jon Venables and Robert Thompson would not face the same action.Solicitor Laurence Lee, who represented 10-year-old Jon Venables in the James Bulger murder case in 1993, said increasing the age limit would be ‘mad’. I’ll tell you now, if they were to raise it so many 10 and 11 year olds would be laughing their socks off.The girl shook her head no but Mendoza grabbed her, kissed her, then picked her up and carried her into a bedroom, the warrant said.The girl reported that though she said “no” repeatedly, Mendoza pulled off her pants and raped her, the warrant said.

However, a jury found Cook guilty of the charges back in August, for which he has now been sentenced.Mr Wraith said that the first victim had had sex with Cook on several occasions.The second victim had also had sex with Cook and he had forced himself onto the girl, resulting in the oral rape charge.Cambridgeshire Police’s figures revealed an alleged three-year-old thief as well as five-year-olds suspected of sexual assault on children under the age of 13.The report from Humberside Police showed that the most common age of suspected criminals was nine years old, with 184 of the 401 children’s crimes from the past six years linked to the age group.

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Mr Lee argued a solution could be a two-tier system, where minor crimes are dealt with in the current manner, but more serious crimes should be prosecuted.

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