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First I run the Power Shell commands to the sites Then I wonder why the Swedish site’s list title has not been updated……while the English site’s list title is updated as expected. While trying to figure out what was going on by narrowing our use case which was a pretty large scale provision to the fact that you can’t edit list’s title even with Power Shell consisted of the following steps and remarks: Some properties ARE NOT updated if the Thread’s UI Culture IS NOT the same as the web’s UI Culture.One metadata field has been created as a “site column” using file.To know, how to create custom metadata field, Please refer my previous blog.Hi guys, Let me first explain how I got this issue.While working on some client requirement, I was creating content type and page layout using visual studio.Then I tried the following Power Shell commands on both of the sites.

But when I created a list using visual studio 2013/2012 designer to add field to list.

But i felt never trust any tool with your eyes closed ;). Newly created metadata column “Country” was refereed properly but associated note field was not added to list. Resolution: To fix this double click on the list on visual studio.

List designer will be open and then add the note file to the list as shown in below image.

By using Get-Pn PProvisioning Template -Out Site -Include All Term Groups?

And then subsequently apply that template to the target site?

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It’s been around for almost a decade and grew from a small list and document management application into an application development platform on top of ASP.

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