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Without effective and timely up-regulation and down-regulation through a balance between o-6s and o-3s, inflammation can become chronic and problematic, leading to heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s — to name a few.

considered essential because our bodies can make omega-9s from unsaturated fat in our bodies.

Some are straight as an arrow, with no double bonds — these are the fats (PUFAs), meaning there’s more than one double bond.

Fatty acid names and numbers also correspond to the number of C atoms they contain, and designate where and how they bond and twist together with H and O atoms.

Therefore, this omega-3 — ALA — is considered an “essential” fatty acid.

When we get down to the molecular level, we see that fatty acids have long, fatty tails that bend about in different directions.The ratio of 6s to 3s is an important consideration for your health because LA tends to gear the inflammatory process. If you’ve read our article on the ups and downs of inflammation, you know how crucial the inflammatory process is to survival, but also how it requires — as do all cycles in living systems — an efficient set of checks and balances. In addition, they can more readily be obtained through high-quality omega-3 supplements.(See the benefits of omega-3s for more about why women of all ages need ample EPA and DHA, as well as a list of foods rich in o-3s and tips on choosing the best omega-3 supplement.) As in the family of omega-3s, there’s one member of the omega-6 family that plays the role of the parent (essential) fatty acid: linoleic acid (LA – in blue in table above).

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What’s different about LA is that it is not as difficult to find in our typical American diet as ALA.

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