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Maybe even cuter just because she had his dick in her mouth. I’m so sorry, baby.” Joe was on the verge of tears. It’ll be ok.” Michelle rubbed her sore throat and slowly sat up on her knees.

Her cheeks hollowed out with every suck, her tongue twirled around his cock head as she pulled back and every time she pushed her head forward to swallow his meat again she moaned out in lust and it vibrated over his length. You are the best little cock sucker a father could hope for.” Michelle looked up at her daddy’s face and tried to smile around the giant cock in her mouth, her wide eyes filled with lust and affection. ” Joe shuddered as he continued shooting load after load of hot cum into her clutching throat, draining his balls. ” Michelle fell forward on her hands and coughed and hacked more, trying to fill her lungs with air. Normally he lost all interest in a girl immediately after shooting his load but now he was feeling an actual connection to the sweet, topless girl. By now she was breathing deeply with only a occasional cough that caused a small ripple to course through her small tits.

She moaned not just for the vibrations but because she was just so turned on to be sucking a dick. She tried to mumble “Thank you, Daddy” without taking the dick out of her mouth or stopping her head bobbing but is just came out as garbled gibberish. “You’re so silly, baby,” he beamed down at his daughter as she continued sucking him off. ggglurg…” Michelle couldn’t even gasp, her air was cut off by the large dick sliding down her throat. Realizing he was suffocating her Joe quickly pulled his softening dick out of Michelle’s mouth and bent down to her. Her daddy bent over her and put his arm soothingly around her naked torso and used his free hand to lovingly pull her long hair away from her red face.

“Murgh flurb agh rah miffholl…” Michelle gurgled around her face full of dick. Fuck Michelle, swallow your daddy’s dick.” He didn’t mean to hurt his daughter but the feeling of his cock sliding past her lips, over her tongue and into her grasping throat was too much. Her reflexes took over and she kept trying to swallow the large tube of meat gagging her. ” Joe yelled out as he came, his thick cum erupting out of his dick head and shooting straight down his young daughter’s slender throat. Tears filled her wide eyes as she coughed and hacked.

The curtains were a white lace with pink blinds fluttering in the breeze of the open windows. Joe wrapped his arms around the crying girl and ran his hands up and down the silky skin of her naked back. She covered her daddy’s cock with her tongue, not missing and inch (and there were a lot of inches) as she also began to slowly jerk him off. I guess that means you have to make it up to me then.” “Anything baby,” Joe said and was amazed that he actually meant it. The young girl only had to wait a few moments before the door opened and she greeted her customer, “Hi Mr. The Girl Scouts had cookie and food sales during the Spring and Summer months and house cleaning in the Fall and Winter. So how about you and the other girl come by next week too? Nelson said as he licked his dry lips and ogled the young girl.

In one corner of the room was a white vanity with dark pink stripes with a matching wardrobe in the opposite corner. Taking a deep breath that pushed her chest and tits out she opened her mouth wide and pushed her his thick dick into her hungry mouth. He grinned warmly as Michelle began bobbing her head back and forth slowly, taking his cock into her mouth. We could have practiced more before trying.” Joe stroked Michelle’s back with one hand and her soft tummy with the other. Michelle playfully slapped her slender thighs and sat straight up, a look of seriousness covering her face. Meanwhile the cheerleaders had car washes during the Spring and Summer months and baby-sitting during the Fall and Winter.

He’d also always been a promiscuous man, a ladies man. He’d lost track of the number of females he’d fucked. And he wasn’t just attracted to a certain type either. Next had been a sweet, young student of his named Michelle Trachtenberg. He’d flat out drugged her and her brother while their father was out of town, introducing them to a whole new world. He beamed at his new “daughter”, “And that’s not all sweetie.” “It’s not Daddy? ” Joe sided up to his new daughter and placed a hand on her lower back, just above her tight jeans. And a hot tub.” He began sliding his hand lower down Michelle’s back to her ass and cupped one of her plump ass-cheeks. Ann free cookies before they stopped and made their way upstairs to the bedroom. Ann slowly crawled over Kaley’s prone, young body giving quick pecks and licks on Kaley’s calves, then knees, then the insides of her thighs.

No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. So very good,” the satisfied man said as he opened his eyes and looked down at Kaley. I got some cum on your dress.” Kaley wiped her hands down and looked at the drop of cum on her dress and with a devilish gleam in her eye she scooped it up with a finger and popped it into her mouth. We’ll just call that a sample of next week,” Kaley said with a grin. ” She gripped Kaley’s blonde hair, keeping the young girl’s head in place underneath her wet cunt. The feel of a young girl’s tongue buried deep in her pussy. Ann squeezed her thighs harder, holding Kaley’s angelic face in place as she prepared to cum.

No one under legal age may read this, if you know what’s good for you. Kaley sucked and lapped as hard and fast as she could, not wanting to miss a drop of Mrs.

Tyler and we don’t even sell cookies for that.” “Well, sweetie…

There was just something about Kaley that made her feel like a nervous schoolgirl. So I was hoping that just a quick peek would help me out.

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Michelle ran topless into the room, her small tits jiggling and her nipples hard as little pebbles. bu…” Michelle sobbed in her unofficial daddy’s arms and her tender chest shuddered against his. “I’m working on it, baby.” Michelle turned up her tear streaked face. Since she had tasted the first drop of cum from him she had been hooked. Fuck me, Daddy.” Joe sat up straighter, Michelle’s tender young chest covered in his saliva. I was just finishing lunch and could use a quick box of cookies.” Kaley cocked a quizzical eyebrow as she peeked her head through the doorway. “I guess she doesn’t appreciate anyone else’s cookies, does she? His tongue caressed her tongue as they kissed and the young girl moaned appreciatively.

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