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Yet just exactly how integrated it was in the Egyptian realm is questionable.

To this day, the event remains a mystery, though tantalizing clues seem to be popping up. After having established themselves in Cyrene (in modern Libya) they discovered and popularized the Oracle of Amun located in the Siwa Oasis, and at least one of the greatest stories told of the Oasis concerns the visit by Alexander the Great to the Oracle.

Next came Tariq Ibn Ziyad of Spain, but his army was also defeated.

Though some sources disagree, it was probably not until 1150 AD that Islam finally took hold in the Siwa Oasis.

However, upon arrival at the Oasis and the Oracle of Amun, Alexander was pronounced a god, an endorsement required for legitimate rule of the country.

Cleopatra VII may have also visited this Oasis to consult with the Oracle, as well as perhaps bath in the spring that now bears her name.

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