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I can't say it hasn't been worth it: I'm now in my second year on the US National Team, and an All-American at UCLA.Among the thousands of little girls across the country who are beginner gymnasts, I'm well known and recognized.I had only kissed four guys in my life, and all four had been Asian-American as well.Three of them I'd met at church, and a fourth was a guy that I'd crossed paths with at national meets.Wandering through the auxiliary locker room areas of the gymnasium, I heard a noise.Looking through a window in the door, I was shocked to see Tamara having sex with someone on the cushioned training table!As we were getting ready, I mentioned to my roommate and teammate Jaclyn that my shoulder, which was a gymnastics injury that had bothered me throughout the year, was really hurting. The pills started to take their effect as we walked out to the central pavilion in our togas and flip-flops, where a crowd was rapidly growing.She came back out with a bottle of pills and asked me how many I wanted. We made small talk with a few fellow neighbors for a while, occasionally ducking into someone's apartment for drink refills or a snack.

Late at night, I surf online porn in a constant search for big organs penetrating tiny little female bodies. I touch myself, setting off powerful orgasms as I watch young women getting dominated by men with massive penises.

While I deliberated about this in my head, he walked over to introduce himself.

"I'm Aaron," he said, extending his hand, "and you're someone I can't wait any longer to meet." "I'm Joanie," I said, giggling from a combination of nervousness, excitement, drunkenness, and drug effects.

In my 20 years on earth, 14 of them have been spent doing gymnastics, at the expense of things like taking family vacations, hanging out at the mall or the beach, dating, and yes, sex.

My family is very loving, but once they knew that I was both fond of and really good at gymnastics, they pushed me as hard as they could to succeed.

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