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A second sequel starring Alyssa Milano was planned, but never filmed.

Another female version of Teen Wolf was in the works that later developed into 1989's Teen Witch.

Completely oblivious to his best friend Boof's affections, he constantly rebuffs her advances due to their history together.

After a series of startling changes such as long hair suddenly sprouting, hands suddenly getting hairy, he decides to quit the team, but his coach changes his mind.

Scott goes by himself as the Wolf and has a great time. She takes Scott out into the hallway and they kiss, which turns Scott back into himself.

When they return to the dance, everyone pays attention to him, including Pamela.

Later, after a date set up to intentionally make Mick jealous, Pamela tells Scott that she's still seeing him and is not interested in Scott as a boyfriend, much to his disappointment.Mick gets upset and taunts Scott until the Wolf comes out and attacks him.His fans then turn on him and he runs out right into Thorne, who threatens to expel Scott from school.Vincent Canby of The New York Times gave the film a negative review calling it "aggressively boring".He went on to say that "the film is overacted by everybody except Mr.

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