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Going back to the party where Charlie is playing the piano, Madame Verdurin requests for him to play a song.He claims he has enlisted for the front because of boredom and to uphold his reputation. Odette de Crécy and Marcel take a carriage to another party.Marcel recalls a relationship he had with Albertine in which he was heartbroken that she had been unfaithful with not only women, but men as well.Marcel breaks a tea cup and Gilberte has the pieces cleaned and put in her mahogany box.

Odette de Crécy leads the guests in the room to observe Marcel, however in this period he is even younger. Marcel tips his hat off to Gilberte and both are called to take a picture.It flips from Gilberte, to Albertine, to Libertinage. Charlie dismisses himself to attend an algebra class and Robert becomes upset and throws his paper and a picture frame of Charlie onto the floor.Charlie comes home to Madame Cottard who is holding up a picture frame of a woman. Robert and Marcel are discussing Robert’s second woman until Giblerte arrives.He wakes up again to realize that he had been dreaming about his ghostly encounter.Marcel and Gilberte are walking down the street discussing Robert as it starts to storm.

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  1. Even though the couple didn’t last past the summer, Spencer, 32, was nevertheless grateful to have met a like-minded man who shared her passion for the Christian faith.