Is robert deniro dating kim basinger

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If there's ever a fire around here, that album is the first thing I grab! My roommate in Los Angeles was a production assistant on "Saved by the Bell" (yes, this was years ago) and he and Mario would occasionally work out together. Actor Frank Bonner from "WKRP in Cincinatti" in an airport when I was maybe six years old. He is by no means a huge star, but he was a fairly big thing in R&B circles when I met him in the early 2000s. I had a friend who shared an old rundown house with Stipe (no relationship between them); the three of us sat on the living room floor one evening talking. I briefly met, shook hands with, etc., various authors, politicians, etc., over the years.[quote]Toss-up between Mike Tyson and Ray Charles. I've told this before, but I served Ray Charles his birthday cake one year.

But of all of them, meeting Michael Stipe was the highlight. Yes, R116--this was in the early 70s after he'd been in an accident that gave him respiratory problems and migraines. Probably the most naturally charming and polite human being I've ever met. No idea what the real Belushi was like, not sure he did either. R114 I've told the whole story here a couple times. I wouldn't call the days I spent there as depressing. Everyone was waiting for "Miss Monroe" and trying to stay out of the heat. But Marilyn was trying to deal with her anxiety every morning. As I said before, she was sitting under a tree in a lawn chair, all by herself, reading her script, when she saw me and called me over to her.

Meet, as in shake hands and exchange pleasantries... Meet, as in sit down and have a meaningful conversation? We had tea and biscuits in my office, just him and me. He was kind and soft-spoken, elegant, very sweet to me. He'd often retire to the guest bedroom when the headaches overcame him.17 September 1964--Sacramento--I was 11, and ran from the crowd to shake LBJ's hand--I was so surprised by how friendly he was--the crowds that day were just overjoyed to see him, and when I burst through, I was the only one running up to see him in that open Caddy. If you saw him play an angel in that Michael movie, that was him in real life. High strung, neurotic, just being around her was exhausting. Very polite and nice when he interacted with me (I was his bartender several times during the filming of Blues Bros.). I would say - frustrating, frustrating for extra's and cast. I've written about how wonderful she was to me at length here previously.

"Beauties" OTOH may sometimes appear plain or vapid or have terrible skin. He must hate being a celebrity then because my brother was Fred’s chauffeur one night and Fred’s first words were “I’m not signing autographs! The Clash in the early 80's (I got backstage)Henry Kissinger at the Hotel Bel Air, we were both having lunch. Annie Hall (strange) , Mariah Carey (nice), Steve Martin (ass), Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft (great people), Redmond O'Neal (little criminal), Allegra Versace (thin and unhappy), Bionic Woman (her stunt double jumped over the fancy gate to the mansion-school), there were more but I have had a few beers by now and my memory is foggy Living in West Village - Hugh Jackman (his dog Peaches liked my little Junebug), Denis Leary - saw Junebug in a sweater with a 4 leaf clover and he stopped to say hi, Jennifer Aniston - she was with Mrs.

Of course you may also have people who are great on screen and IRL, like KEANU. A back in '99 for the 25th anniversary of her fan club, The International Petula Clark Society (or the IPCS as WE call it). Anyway, she must have mentioned it to my dad, and he must have said, "Oh my son loves Mac Gyver! So somehow I was shuttled down to the local CBS station while he was there, and I got to talk with him for 10 min? I went to private school in LA - it was a beautiful old mansion. Pitt who asked me for directions to the Spotted Pig, or whatever that place was (Jennifer rolled her eyes, she knew how to get there), I saw JSPR 37, yes, Jodie was pleasant and professional. Both Michael Stipe and Pete Buck from REM when the band was still getting going. I didn't really know Kingston but did know Barrow fairly well.

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