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One night, she had to stay late in the library to finish a project and it was almost dark by the time she returned home.Haruko lived on the 14th floor of an old apartment building. As the doors of the elevator were closing behind him, the man suddenly turned around, pulled a sharp knife out of his jacket and said, in a menacing voice, “…upstairs!She stood in the entrance and pressed the button to call the elevator. ” Then, laughing like a maniac, he ran towards the staircase.She always hated coming home alone so late in the evening. When the elevator came, she stepped inside and pushed the button for her floor. “I live on the 13th.” As the elevator ascended, he pressed the button for 13. She wondered if he would ever be interested in dating her. The girl was terrified, but before she could do a thing, the doors shut and the elevator began to ascend. Desperately, she hammered the buttons with her fist, trying to get the elevator to stop, but it was no use.

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In these days use of mobile devices and mobile internet is increasing and that is why html size is so important for a web site, we made a test and see that happypancake.se's home page is 62kb which is really good for mobile users. According to our researches we see doesn't get any visitor from search engines but we think there is something missing on our researches.

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Each computer has to have an IP number to connect with other computers.

We had a close look to its HTML structure and found out homepage has more than 20 code lines and it contains 93 errors.

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By the domain, you can see that different countries and middleware have the wrong software listed below.

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