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But if you can rouse his interest in you, you can talk to him and still make him crave for your attention.

15 easy conversation starters for a girl to use on a guy If you want to play it safe and easy, and avoid letting him know that you’re interested in him or smitten by him, use these conversation starters. Be warm and approachable and smile now and then to let him know that you’re interested in talking to him.

As you walk past him, accidentally drop a pen or let your scrunchie drop near him.

As long as he notices it, he’ll immediately pick it up for you.

As long as you thank him with your sweetest smile, he’ll definitely stick around to continue the conversation. Create an emergency and any guy will gladly stand up to help you.

And when the guy you’re interested in glances towards you, lift the two tee shirts higher and raise your eyebrows slightly in a questioning manner.But if you come on too strong or make it way too obvious that you like a guy, you’d find that the guy you like may start to play hard to get with you!If you really do want to make a move at a guy and initiate a conversation with him, try to play a subtle game and don’t ever let him feel like you’re more interested in him than he is in you. If he thinks he can get a girl easily, he’ll take her for granted or take it so easy that it may appear like he’s uninterested.But if you choose to, you can turn things around in your favor by giving the guy an opportunity to make conversation with you.[Read: Clever ways to get a guy’s attention in any circumstance] Conversation starters with guys Conversation starters can be easy.

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