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“'Pretty Boy Rock Hudson,' they call him now in the gossip columns,” the New York Post scribe began.

“He's always out with a new movie beauty in the columns—and I happen to believe it's true.” Come again? “Pretty Boy” was commonly understood in show business circles as “polite” slang for “fag.” Earl Wilson quite obviously knew the truth about Rock Hudson.

Photo credit: Erin Hooley / The Chicago Tribune A University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Professor has been accused of following members of a pro-chief Illiniwek group into a restroom and videotaping.

He was arrested for unauthorized videotaping but was released from the county jail since the state's attorney's office did not charge him with a crime.

And Mike Connelly, the deeply closeted gay columnist for the Hollywood Reporter was even more vociferous—recklessly screaming “Commie” at individuals with no affiliation to the party whatsoever.

Seeing as New York is home to the most populated city in the United States, numerous such scholarship opportunities are available.And truth to tell nobody in the “civilian” population, with any show biz savvy hadn't guessed long ago that Universal star wasn't heterosexual.In the wake of Hudson's passing, with his “private life” at last officially made part of “polite” parlance in and out of show biz, a sense that Hudson's brand of marital charade was common in Hollywood has emerged. And was it any more the rule—or the exception—anywhere else?[...] William Halford, a former Associate Professor at Southern Illinois University teamed up with a Hollywood film writer to run an offshore experimental herpes vaccine trial.He injected human subjects at local hotels near campus as well as in the Caribbean between 20.

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