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Eleven percent of Ashley Madison users polled said they kept the personal details of their lives -- their home address, their spouse's place of employment -- under wraps before and following the affair, lest their affair partner blow their cover.

Nine percent of respondents said they've traveled miles from their home to meet with their lover so they wouldn't be spotted by anyone they knew.

The basic types of DNA repair strategies may be listed as follows: 1.1.

Direct repair This is a mechanism used for repair of alterations in DNA structure that may be reversed directly to the state they were before the damage has occurred.

'the rodent repairadox') are discussed with regards to replicative ageing and the evolutionary processes on micro- and macroscale. Biodiscovery 2014; 13: 2; DOI: 10.7750/Bio Discovery.2014.13.2 Copyright: © 2014 Chakarov et al.

The role of mutagenesis as a 'hit and miss' mechanism and the 'leakiness' of DNA repair for increasing genetic diversity in the course of individual life and on evolutionary scale and the phenomenology of ongoing molecular evolution are extensively reviewed. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, provided the original authors and source are credited.

Accordingly, DNA repair comprises many different types of pathways and mechanisms covering virtually every possible type of injury to the sequence or the structure of DNA. any change that introduces a deviation from the usual double-helical structure" [1] , we may present the following broad definition of DNA repair: "Any pathway, process or mechanism that results in restoration of the usual double-helical structure and the biological functions of the damaged DNA molecule".

Several principally different strategies for DNA repair are currently known to exist [2–4].

Sometimes, different pathways may eventually converge, especially in the early stages, as the same signalling molecules may play a role in different types of repair.Received: July 8, 2014; Accepted: September 18, 2014; Available online /Published: September 22, 2014 Keywords: DNA repair, carcinogenesis *Corresponding Author: Stoyan Chakarov, e-mail:[email protected] of Interests: No potential conflict of interest was disclosed by any of the authors.DNA damage is a very broad term, encompassing many different types of lesions in DNA.Direct repair works precisely on the damage site and may be employed only for reversal reactions that are thermodynamically possible.Direct repair is an exclusively prokaryotic repair mechanism.

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