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Indexing all the big players out there, updated daily with new porn videos.Free Streaming Porno Image Fap's very own streaming video site: Movie Fap.Its hard to close an epistle like this one knowing theres so much more about those days to mention, but having them as memories and web sites like this one help us to preserve and remember how we lived, the values we retained and the life lessons we earned. No cell phones people would call the pay phones on the corner to see who was hanging out. Some of the places, Kings hwy & west 10th st, Highlawn & stillwell, Ave. I don't think there is movie house running right now, or a video store, wasn't there one of those on every corner--what was behind that dark curtain? I REMEMBER WHEN THE RATS NEVER CAME OUT OF MARBO PROJECTS..... NOW AND THEN I MEET A FEW FACES I KNOW FROM THE HURST AND THEY SAY THE SAME THING , ITS NOT THE SAME ANY MORE TOMMY GO ON AND SEE MORE THATS OUT THERE BUDDY. We moved to Florida 16 yars ago to raise my kids...U & west 11th, west 5th streets, Ave S & west 12, 86th st & 20th ave parking lot, Cropsey Park just to name a few. As I drive through B'hurst, I can't find one street that has the 100 yds painted in the street to similate a football field. YOU CANT BRING EVERYTHING BACK JUST BE GLAD YOU WAS THERE WHEN ALL THE GOOD STUFF HAPPENED.... Florida is a great place in the winter but it has no tradition.Announcements from our admins Jun 24, 2017 - Turn off your Ad Block Plus for a better experience Jan 16, 2015 - What is or isn't permitted on imagefap View all announces Dec 14, 2014 - Questions, problems, content removal?

My parents still live there and I visit them as much as I can taking the all the side streets where I used to play and hangout in stead of the more direct route remembering how simple life was and the dozens of friends Ill probably never see again. I remember there used to be people hanging out on every corner. Swapping ticket stubs in the bathroom to see other movies for free, or just straight up sneak in thru the fire exit. BUT THE HURST WAS A PLACE GRANDMA COULD WALK WITH OUT GETTING HER BAG ROBED BY CRACKS HEADS... BUT TODAY THEY LET ANYONE MOVE IN AND WALK AROUND.. I SIT UP AT NIGHT AND THINK OF THE PAST IM GLAD IM STILL ALIVE TO TALK TO OLD FRIENDS ABOUT THE GOOD TIMES WE HAD.We lived in Seth Low Park, playing Hand Ball, Softball and Basketball, stick ball in the school yard, at night under the lights playing Spud the loser would get asses up, Roller Hockey and touch football in the winter, the verity of things to do was endless. now its, (these are gangs that lasted for years) 2a(20 ave and 60's) bath ave boys 23rd ave 24 ave 85 st boys (85 and 20th) bay 46 bay 50 ave s ave u boys a.b.i(albanian boys inc.,seth low park) a.b.b(albanian bad boys) cropsey park kings highway boys bay pkwy boys and then u have all these other gangs by the west sides that i dont know are cuz i dont go there.i dont know anyone there. me i grew up around 86st all my life to bayparkway and 20th ave . America was built and partially only survives even now, on a wave of some kind of immigrant group every couple of decades because these immigrants take the bottom level jobs as 'we' the business owners have them as our workers.We made our own fun, nobody really had any money we all came from middle income families. but like i said bensonhurst has become the white ghetto. I remember the days when every guy wore a velour V-neck shirt to exhibit the fat rope chain with the Jesus-head charm, and tight Serio Valente jeans with white canvas loafers. I dont understand why everyone just picked up and let it go. You look at all the 'whites' from places like Iowa, Michigan, that have come into Parkslope / Brooklyn Heights...My Brooklyn- I grew up in Bensonhurst lived on West 11th & Ave O, 1962-1992 since then I moved to the country - Staten Island, miss those days. I lived in Bensonhurst througout the 80's and 90's and then moved to Florida in 1997(which is where I am now) I will always hold B'hurst close to my heart. I remember growing up in the neighborhood you looked at someone the wrong way you got your ass handed to you by someone older and you never did it again. I have alot of great memories to share with you all i just wanted to say thanks for the memeories i really didn't have from the 70's and early 80's i was to young but have great memories of the late 80's and early 90's to bad it's all gone. your generation wanted nothin more then to leave, our generation wants to stay and make these neighborhoods even stronger. Now the Chinese came here 200 yrs ago and worked hard on the railroads for this country's backbone but heh, our USA government made it a Federal law to BAN Chinese from immigrating here. It's appauling how some people forget they were from immigrant families as well...I was 7 years old when we move from Manhattan to Brooklyn, I remember the first day we moved in July 1962, I got in to a fist fight with two boys Eric and Ray who simply asked me What are you doing here who soon after became my best friends. im pretty sure in other hoods if u were a gang u stayed where u chilled.i was also surprised about how many gangs there were that guy wrote on top. The thing is there is no one leading the way to try and take the neighborhood back it all slipped away pretty sad. hi this is tommy i lived in bensonhurst 29 years now i live upstate not the same as home and never will be. it's what New York city is about, we are a hub/magnet for the next wave.

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these are some pics of those good old days when I could gather a crowd of hard and horny guys ready for fun in the back rows!

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