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Host Andy Cohen told Maks that Remini said he and J. When asked about his relationship, Maks said they got along "until recently." Pressed further, Maks explained:"She stopped getting along with me.

It's not something I need to say now that I'm not even part of it, but it's definitely amazing entertainment... In recent weeks, Maks has been romantically linked to Jennifer Lopez and hanging out with Leah Remini. Maks' friendship with Remini apparently also doesn't sit well with Alley. I'm Jewish and you know, I don't really believe in science fiction, but whatever. "But I got a message that now that I am associating with other people that she can't be associated with.

Alan was great and now [Maks and Vanessa] are reunited.' This comes after Vanessa refuted claims her domineering attitude caused the professional dancer to walk away from their pairing on Monday.'I just know that when I'm on set he's my coach and I'm the student, so I listen a lot more and I don't speak up as much because this is a field I don't know,' the model told Us Weekly.

'He's trained me and taught me so many amazing, wonderful new things just like any trainer would or teacher would.' A rep for the show has since confirmed that Maks will be back dancing for next week's show, according to People. 'We are both looking forward to dancing for our fans next week! Before that sources told People Maks did not perform by choice due to an ongoing conflict between him and Vanessa.

'They’re playing nice for the cameras but both are miserable paired with each other.'A different source for Radar Online had even stronger words to say about the matter as they claimed that Vanessa wants to be in control.

The insider said: 'Vanessa is the boss and likes submissive men that do what she tells them to do.

'Maks is done with her and might not return to the ballroom.'A source has told People problems between the pair have been apparent since the very first week of the show.

'They've been bickering since week one and he finally just had enough of it,' said the source.'They definitely will want him and Vanessa to play nice for the camera, but I wouldn’t expect them to last long if they don’t find a way to actually work together,' the source also said.

The couple, who welcomed son Shai Alexander in January, chatted briefly before leaning in for a loving smooch before getting back to practice with their partners Vanessa and Nick Lachey.The insider assured the magazine that any old tension was behind them, explaining: 'Things are good. Things are returning to normal.'It's reported that the MTV alum and ballroom champ were able to mend things after he reached out with an apology.'Maks has apologized to her and they both look forward to having a much more positive relationship moving forward,' said the ABC insider.Before working things out, Maks and Vanesssa were said to be at odds both on the dance floor and off.Although Maks was MIA from the show on Monday, sources say that he and his partner Vanessa appear to have patched things up after first facing serious personality issues.A source close to the show told Us Weekly that the pair 'are definitely appearing on Monday's show' and that 'they have already rehearsed this week.

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That's the problem."Maks' partners over the years have included Erin Andrews, Tia Carrere, Brandy Norwood, Debi Mazar, Denise Richards, Kirstie Alley (twice), Melissa Gilbert and Hope Solo. Remini made headlines for denouncing Scientology, something that didn't sit well with Alley. If it were something else or not, I don't know," he said.

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