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It was such a thrill to watch her walking around, in her little bikini, and talking to all of those strange men.Of course, she had to make sure everyone was having a good time so she'd often stop and sit with some of the men who were there by themselves.After we'd been married for about two years, Roni took a job, as a leasing agent, at the apartment complex we lived in and we'd visit the complex's pool quite frequently.Since Roni worked for the apartment complex, she was the host of an 'adults only', complex-sponsored, pool party, once.I really enjoyed watching as they tried not to stare at her sweet, little breasts as she sat in front of them.After a few hours, and quite a few mixed drinks, she announced it was time for the chicken-fight contest.

The water was only three feet deep so everyone had a nice view of my wife's upper torso and I noticed a few of the guys taking pictures with their phones. Forget it happened and simply accept the compliments if they say anything." We had amazing sex that night.

My wife told him she'd be his partner but, if they were to win, he'd only get fifty dollars off of his rent since she was an employee.

He agreed and the game began, with about fifteen teams to start the game.

My wife and I married young..was twenty and I was twenty-two.

Roni is a petite, five foot-two inches tall, one hundred fifteen pounds, with shoulder length medium brown hair and blue eyes.

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Everyone at the party was looking at her as she handed them the trophy and people took pictures of the 'winners'. Thank, God, Roni was pretty buzzed and simply covered herself and apologized for being indecent and everyone laughed it off. " "How do you feel knowing all of those guys saw your pretty little breast? "I don't think that many people noticed." "Oh, yes, they did! a lot..I'm sure all of the guys will never forget this pool party.... I'm sure they will show them to all their friends... " "Well, Could you please at least promise you won't show them to anyone else? " "If you come back to my apartment with me and apologize to my wife, tell her you didn't mean to upset her, you won't show or share your pictures with anyone else and then delete the pictures in front of her... I already have some but I'll take more and share them with you whenever you want." "Tomorrow? I couldn't help but grin while thinking about what a treat he was in for. I'd like to thank him for being a good person." As we had dinner that night, I realized Josh and I had many things in common, we shared many of the same interests and he and Roni also seemed to hit it off. She was really happy he'd done the right thing by deleting those pictures.

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